Guide for Authors

Terms & Conditions for accepting articles

• Journal Issue: Psychological Disorders and Psychological Therapies and Interventions

• The entire paper should be up to 15 pages as well as 5,000 words.

• Line spacing is 1.5, with the font Times New Roman and font size 12.

• The font size of the headings is 14.

•The title must be suitable, short which confirm the content

•Full name of the author (authors), their academic grade and position, the postal address of the work place, the contact number, the E-mail of the author (s), and the identification of the responsible author in the file name of the system, are required in Persian and English.

abstract should be prepared and adjusted:

• In Persian and English, matched together, up to 200-250 words in a paragraph without the titles, including: the aim, the research method (research design, statistical population, sample, sampling method and instruments), the applied statistics, the findings and the final conclusions or the proposed application.

• Keywords should be written in alphabetical order of up to 5 words and related to the subject matter.

The complete and final text of the article and its abstracts will be sent as a file with the Word2007 structure through the site of the Journal of Psychological Studies,

• Introduction includes the statement of the problem, theoretical foundations and research background (based on the APA method), goals, questions / research hypotheses (s).

• When referring to previous researchers, the names of all authors should be mentioned at first time in the text a. And in the second time only the surname of the first author and the word of colleagues and the year should be mentioned. All references should be updated, preferably from a source of up to five years.

• The method involves statistical population, sample, sampling method and research methodology (type of research project, full description and number of society, number of samples and reason of sampling method, and full description of the instruments of "Validity and Reliability" measurements, and a table of the summary of the intervention program which contains "Session Number-Objectives-Content- Expected behavioral changes –Group/Home tasks") for each session.

• Findings include the results of the study with tables (max. 5 tables) and charts in accordance with the APA General Guide. Describe the tables before submitting the table.

• Discussion and Conclusion Explain the findings based on the theoretical foundations in the introduction and comparison with the previous researches mentioned in the introduction, the summing up of the interpretation of the findings, the critique and expression of limitations and suggestions, and the observance of ethical standards during the conduct of the research.

•Acknowledgment: Thanks and appreciation from the sponsoring organization or the participants.

•references all researches mentioned in text should be in an alphabetical order, in accordance with the APA 2019 Writing Rules.

 Book: Surname, first letter or first name of the author (s) of year of publication, title of the book in italics, place of publication and publisher.

•Book (translation): - Surname and the name of the author (s) of the year of the main text. Title of the book in italics, full name Translator (translators) Year of translation, place of publication, publisher.

•Article: Surname, first letter or first name of the author (s) of the year of publication. The title of the article, the name of the publication in italics, the volume, the issue number and the pages. (Eg 13 (3): 80-110).

•Dissertation: - Surname and the name of the author (s) of the year. The thesis title is Italic, university name.

•Web sites - First, write the URL, and the date of the visit, to the day, month, and year.

•The submitted articles should not be published in any other journals, inside or outside the country.

 Research articles are prioritized according to the rules of science journals, and other compilation articles (such as articles that explain the theoretical foundations of psychological sciences) will be examined in accordance with the journal rules and regulations.

The author (s) will be the responsible for the scientific and accuracy of the paper and its data.


• The Journal's editorial board is free to reject or accept the received articles.

• The Journal is free to edit, modify, and synchronize the terms of the causal word, so that its concepts are not altered.

• Received papers will not be returned.

The editorial board of the Journal will set up the order of approved articles for printing.

  The cost of printing in open access of a submitted then approved paper in the journal is paid online.

  The initial cost of 500,000Rl. and final cost before printing is 1,500,000 Rl.